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Table Schulte online is great exercise for the intellect. How this technique works?

Table Schulte is a first exercise for what makes us better, because it gives the development of IQ.

For work with Schulte table look at the central cell and find the numbers starting with 1 and ending with the number 25. You can not take your eyes off center. Over time, the need to strive for the best result (that the test was performed in 20 seconds or less).

Very useful Schulte table for children. It not only develops a child's brain, but also allows it to absorb a large number of information. Schulte table test lets you to use all parts of the brain and develop it .

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6 20 18 12 1
2 7 3 24 8
21 14 4 10 15
16 5 11 23 17
13 9 19 25 22
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