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The improving of memory and attention. Memory improving system.

Memory. There are two types of memory - short-term and "long-term". Short-term memory is like a computer, and the long-term as a hard disk. Most often, people have problems with short-term memory. When a person is in the room and think, why he went there, this is the problem with "RAM."

Many years ago, people noticed that the games improving of memory for adults and school children give excellent results. This methodology includes the improving of memory online exercises for the development of memory and helps to develop short-term memory. Words appear on the screen and you need to remember in the allotted time, and then remember and write. A total of 10 levels, and the problem becomes more difficult each time. This technique is the allotted of memory is implemented with the help of proven experience - the allotted of methods for storage of special services. If every day to go through this training, the intelligence and the allotted of memory will fast.

I wrote the program for my brother, that his memory wil be excellent.

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